Why Does Karey Hate Wordle Some Days?

Karey hates Wordle some days. It’s not that she doesn’t think it’s a fun tool to play with, or that she doesn’t appreciate the variety of ways it can be used. It’s just that, well, sometimes she really hates it.

For starters, Karey finds the constant barrage of ads and requests for money to be really annoying. She also doesn’t like how her words get all jumbled up when she uses the tool, and she sometimes can’t even read what she’s written after she’s finished.

Choose your words tiles

But her biggest gripe is that Wordle often doesn’t work the way she wants it to. She’s tried to use it to create beautiful word clouds, but more often than not, she just ends up with a big mess.

So why does Karey keep coming back to Wordle, despite her hatred for it? Well, she admits that it can be addicting, and she does like how it can be used to create interesting visuals. Plus, it’s free, so she doesn’t have to feel guilty about using it, even though she doesn’t always love it.

In the end, Karey says she’ll continue to use Wordle, but she’ll probably never love it. And that’s OK.