Why Don’t I Remember My Dreams?

person holding glass jar

I don’t remember my dreams because I’m not interested in them. Dreams are a way for our brains to sort through the day’s events, thoughts and feelings. They’re also a way for our brains to process information and practice skills. For me, dreams are unimportant and I’m not motivated to remember them. Some people believe that forgetting dreams is a sign that we’re not processing our emotions properly. Dreams are often thought to be symbolic of our innermost fears and desires. forgetting them may mean that we’re not dealing with our emotions in a healthy way. However, I don’t believe this is the case for me. I’m a very emotionally stable person and I don’t think forgetting my dreams has any impact on my emotional health. There are some practical reasons why I don’t remember my dreams. For one, I don’t sleep very deeply. I’m a light sleeper and I often wake up during the night. This means that I don’t enter the deep, REM sleep that is necessary for dream recall. Additionally, I have a lot of dreams. Studies have shown that people who have more dreams are less likely to remember them. This is because our brains can only store a limited amount of information and dreams are low on the priority list. Whatever the reason, forgetting my dreams doesn’t bother me. I’m not interested in them and I don’t think it has any negative impact on my life.